“I really do LOVE these books. When is the Advanced Rhythm book coming out?”

We hope to have the Advanced Rhythm Etudes published this summer. D.W.

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  • Merrilee McCain says:

    I really am impressed with your books and teaching methods. I have been using Ebaru Publishing books exclusively to teach violin (The Violin Book) but would like to supplement with these materials.

    Do you train note identification by putting note names inside of the notes on the clefs in your books on the first pages or does the student have to use the flash cards before this exercise of singing the note names as they read the notes? I just LOVE how you have students SING the pitches and SAY the notes as they are playing them. I was starting to integrate this in my teaching during rote training in the beginner Ebaru books but was wondering if it should only be taught after note reading is well established. What is your take on this? Your advice is really appreciated.

    Do you offer any teacher discounts for purchasing all of your materials at once, including the teacher/parent resource manual and DVD?

    Thank you sincerely!

    Merrilee McCain

  • Linda Michal says:

    Please email me when the book of Advanced Rhythm comes out.Thank you.

  • Susan Wilcox says:

    Just FINALLY ordered your Family CD – love the daisies – my favorite flower – on the cover. Hope to get these for gifts next Christmas. A Christmas Album would be TERRIFIC!
    I just finished an ANSWER KEY to Winning Rhythms, which is the ONLY rhythm book I could find out there after grilling through the old 101 Rhythmic Rest Patterns that is no longer in print, but used in my school system growing up.
    I look forward to what Denise has come up with in her new Advanced Rhythm Book! Long needed….

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