Scale Trail Challenge

Scale Trail Challenge $14.99

The Scale Trail Challenge is an incremental approach to learning scales for cellists. The book begins with D Major, one octave scale and arpeggio, and continues through all 24 keys (major and melodic minor) with 2-octave scales and arpeggios in ten difficulty levels. Previews for some of the difficult shifting and extensions are included at the beginning of the levels. The exercises prepare students to learn three octave scales using the “Universal” or “Old German” finger patterns. Rewards and incentives are built-in, including fun pictures to color at the end of each level, ideas for trail mix rewards, and pages to track students’ progress. There are practice charts in each level so the student will know exactly what to practice every day. Scales and Arpeggios are printed across both pages for convenience.

Author: Elizabeth W. Marsh

Details: 60 pages. Coil binding.

Difficulty: Beginning through Intermediate

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