Sight Reading for Strings

Sight Reading for Strings $14.95

Sight Reading for Strings includes 115 studies in duet form, student and teacher for sight reading work at the lesson, ranging from open strings with quarter notes to complex rhythms in 14 different keys and several meters, some position work and double stops. Teacher plays with the student the first time, and on the repeat s/he plays the teacher’s part and leaves the student to hold his own on the student part. Once the student has finished the book, he starts it over and plays the teacher’s part all the way through the book.

Teachers will appreciate the Wohlfhart duet etudes, which are extremely musical, but never familiar, so the student cannot play by ear as he is reading, as well as the broad range of musical signs not usually found in solo repertoire, including measure repeat signs, repetitive rhythm shorthand, and Italian terms, e.g., sul ponticello, con & senza sordino, col legno, sotto voce, and scores of others, D.C, D.S, Coda, and tempo and articulation terms and signs. Students should begin SRS once they have completed about 15-20 lessons in the Primer exercises or as recommended by their teacher, and continue after they finish the Primer, on through the Advanced Etudes and Advanced Rhythms.

An additional plus is that the cello SRS is a double book and includes sight reading in tenor clef!

Authors: Denise Willey and Catherine Anne Willey, Viola by D. Willey, Kristina Willey, and Rebekah Lara Willey, and Cello by D. Willey, Elizabeth Willey, and Kristina Willey

Details: 87 pages, 115 exercises, coil binding; cello is 174 pages and 230 exercises; books available in three clefsfor Violin, Viola, & Cello/Bass. Violinists can also learn alto clef; and violists, cellists, & bassists can learn treble clef.

Difficulty: Beginning to Intermediate

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