I LOVE to Read Music!™ is a complete method for strings students to learn to read music and to sight read—superbly.

It begins with Complete Reading Flash Cards, including notes in several clefs, chromatic and diatonic; all key signatures, intervals (unisons through major tenths all across the fingerboard,) scores of signs and terms, and even theory: triads, modes, the circle of fifths, etc.

Coordinated with the flash cards is the Music Reading Primer, which features notes and rhythms, very basic through advanced, on facing pages. Along with the Primer work, the student is introduced to Sight Reading for Strings, where s/he learns to sight read music with ease and precision. This exceptional book includes etude duets by Franz Wohlfarht with many different meters and keys, major and minor, plus virtually every term and sign the student will need to know to play in the most advanced orchestras, including sul ponticello, con sordino, tacet, measure repeat signs, 8th and 16th note shorthand for repeated notes, multiple bar rests, and more.

After completing work in the Music Reading Primer, the now-intermediate music reader goes on to Advanced Reading Etudes, Advanced Reading Rhythms, and the Music Theory Workbook.

Teachers and parents use the easy-to-follow directions in the I LOVE to Read Music! Handbook to teach the I LOVE to Read Music! program. Students will become splendid music readers with just two to fifteen minutes a day of this innovative and all-inclusive new method, allowing these well-trained musicians to truly say: “I LOVE to read music!”

Note: For more information, see the Complete Introduction to the I LOVE to Read Music! program.